Our Advantages

stock gears

An extensive range of over 15,200 types

By putting together a range of various materials, shapes and pitches, we are able to provide gears that perfectly fit your applications.
We carry nearly every type of gear imaginable. Even if our stock gears do not meet the requirements of a customer, we can accommodate any request with our custom gears.

gear warehouse

All gears are in stock (*Excluding J series)

As the gears are in stock, they can be shipped immediately after your order.
As a dedicated gear manufacturer, we carry the industry’s largest inventory of gears.

gear CAD drawing

Extensive technical data

KHK stock gears are all pre-designed gears.
Since there is extensive technical information, gear design on the customer side is unnecessary.
We can provide gear drawing in paper format, 2D CAD or 3D CAD.


No minimum order quantity

KHK can provide stock gears at reasonable prices, even for orders of a single gear.
Most of our gears, regardless of type, are manufactured in large lots, so the unit price is the same no matter how many you purchase, whether one unit or ten.

gear package

All individually packaged

All gears are individually packaged for convenient and safe storage.
Gears are carefully packaged using the most appropriate materials and method for the gear type.

gear factory

The high-reliability of Japan-made products

Our gears are all manufactured under Japan’s strict quality control standards.
At KHK, we excel at consistently manufacturing uniform and high quality products, which are backed by our extensive track record.

modification of gears

Modifications are possible

Gears can be modified according to your individual specifications.
This makes it possible to accommodate precise customer specifications not possible with conventional stock gears.

gears in exhibition

No. 1 in market share

KHK boasts the No.1 market share in the Japanese stock gear market
(According to our own research).
As an independent gear manufacturer, we take great pride in the KHK brand.