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Product specification changes

Information on changes to KHK stock gear product specifications are listed below, starting with the latest.

Implementation Date / 20 December 2020

Production stoppage 7 items in total
KRG1-500, KRG1.5-500, KRG2-500, KRG2.5-500, KRG3-500
KRGCP5-500, KRGCP10-500

Implementation Date / 20 December 2020

Production stoppage

288 items in total

MSGA1-35, MSGA1-45, MSGA1-55, MSGA1.5-25, MSGA1.5-48, MSGA1.5-55, MSGA2-36, MSGA2-55, MSGA2-70, MSGA2-100, MSGA2.5-25, MSGA2.5-35, MSGA2.5-36, MSGA2.5-45, MSGA3-24, MSGA3-48, MSGA3-55, MSGA4-18, MSGA4-36, MSGA4-50
MSGB1-55, MSGB1-80, MSGB1.5-35, MSGB1.5-48, MSGB1.5-55, MSGB1.5-100, MSGB2-48, MSGB2-55, MSGB2-70, MSGB2-100, MSGB2.5-35, MSGB2.5-48, MSGB2.5-55, MSGB3-24, MSGB3-36, MSGB3-45, MSGB3-55
SSS0.5-10, SSS0.5-11, SSS0.5-12, SSS0.5-13, SSS0.8-10, SSS0.8-11, SSS0.8-12, SSS0.8-13, SSS2-10, SSS2-11, SSS2-12, SSS2-13, SSS2.5-10, SSS2.5-11, SSS2.5-12, SSS2.5-13, SSS3-10, SSS3-11, SSS3-12, SSS3-13
SS :
SS0.5-16A, SS0.5-21A, SS0.5-27A, SS0.5-30A, SS0.5-32A, SS0.5-35A, SS0.5-36A, SS0.5-40A, SS0.5-45A, SS0.5-50A, SS0.5-55A, SS0.5-70A, SS0.5-90A, SS0.5-100A, SS0.5-40B, SS0.5-60B, SS0.5-70B, SS0.5-30C
SS0.8-16A, SS0.8-21A, SS0.8-24A, SS0.8-26A, SS0.8-32A, SS0.8-48A, SS0.8-50A, SS0.8-60A, SS0.8-70A, SS0.8-80A, SS0.8-90A, SS0.8-96A, SS0.8-100A, SS0.8-120A, SS0.8-25B, SS0.8-30B, SS0.8-60B
SS1-16A, SS1-22A, SS1-25A, SS1-40A, SS1-60A, SS1-80A, SS1-90A, SS1-18B, SS1-24B, SS1-28B, SS1-50B, SS1-60B, SS1-100B, SS1-30C, SS1-40C, SS1-45C, SS1-30D
SS1.5-12A, SS1.5-15A, SS1.5-20A, SS1.5-36A, SS1.5-40A, SS1.5-30B, SS1.5-40B, SS1.5-20C, SS1.5-24C
SSY0.8-20A, SSY0.8-25A, SSY0.8-30A, SSY1-25A, SSY1-32A, SSY1-36A, SSY1-45A, SSY1-50A, SSY1-55A, SSY1-56A, SSY1-64A, SSY1-65A, SSY1-70A, SSY1-72A, SSY1-75A, SSY1-80A, SSY1-85A, SSY1-90A, SSY1-95A, SSY1-96A, SSY1-100A, SSY1-110A, SSY1-24B, SSY1-35B, SSY1-36B, SSY1-40B, SSY1-60B
MSCPG5-20A, MSCPG5-25A, MSCPG5-30A, MSCPG5-40A, MSCPG10-20A, MSCPG10-25A, MSCPG10-30A, MSCPG10-40A, MSCPG5-20B, MSCPG5-25B, MSCPG5-30B, MSCPG5-40B, MSCPG10-20B, MSCPG10-25B, MSCPG10-30B, MSCPG10-40B, MSCPG5-40C
BSS0.5-18A, BSS0.5-20B, BSS0.5-26A, BSS0.5-27A, BSS0.5-28A, BSS0.5-40B, BSS0.5-50B, BSS0.5-60A, BSS0.5-60B, BSS0.5-70A, BSS0.5-80A, BSS0.5-80B, BSS0.8-15A, BSS0.8-16A, BSS0.8-20A, BSS0.8-20B, BSS0.8-22A, BSS0.8-28A, BSS0.8-50A, BSS0.8-60B, BSS1-15A, BSS1-15B, BSS1-16A, BSS1-20A, BSS1-20B, BSS1-22A, BSS1-24B, BSS1-25A, BSS1-28A, BSS1-30D, BSS1-50A, BSS1-50C
PR :
PR1.5-1000, PR2-1000, PR2.5-1000, PR3-1000
SUR1.5-1000, SUR2-1000, SUR2.5-1000, SUR3-1000, SUR4-1000
SMZG2-20R, SMZG2-20L, SMZG2.5-20R, SMZG2.5-20L, SMZG3-20R, SMZG3-20L
SBZG2-2030L, SBZG2-2040L, SBZG2-3020R, SBZG2-4020R, SBZG2.5-2030L, SBZG2.5-2040L, SBZG2.5-3020R, SBZG2.5-4020R, SBZG3-2030L, SBZG3-2040L, SBZG3-3020R, SBZG3-4020R
MBSA2-1845L, MBSA2-4518R, MBSA2.5-1845L, MBSA2.5-4518R, MBSA3-1845L, MBSA3-4518R, MBSA4-1845L, MBSA4-4518R, MBSA5-1845L, MBSA5-4518R, MBSA6-1845L, MBSA6-4518R, MBSB2-1845L, MBSB2-4518R, MBSB2.5-1845L, MBSB2.5-4518R, MBSB3-1845L, MBSB3-4518R, MBSB4-1845L, MBSB5-1845L, MBSB6-1845L
KSP053001GUR, KSP053001GUL
KSP0611.5GUP, KSP0611.5GUG, KSP0901.5GUP, KSP0901.5GUG, KSP1051.5GUP, KSP1051.5GUG, KSP1241.5GUP, KSP1241.5GUG, KSP1411.5GUP, KSP1411.5GUG, KSP1631.5GUP, KSP1631.5GUG, KSP1811.5GUP, KSP1811.5GUG
KSP056002GUP, KSP056002GUG
CG :
CG1.5-100R1, CG1.5-80R1, CG2-30L2, CG2-50L2, CG2.5-30L1, CG2.5-30L2, CG2.5-50R2, CG2.5-50L1, CG2.5-50L2, CG2.5-60L1, CG3-30L2, CG3-40L1, CG3-50R2, CG3-50L2, CG5-20R2, CG5-50R2, CG6-20R2, CG6-30R2, CG6-50R2
GC :
GC1-20, GC1-22, GC1-25, GC2-30, GC2-32, GC2-35, GC2-40, GC3-45, GC3-50

Implementation Date / 1 October 2020

Change in specifications Change in the surface treatment :
Trivalent chromate plating => black oxide finish
6 items in total
GC1-I, GC1-12S, GC2-I, GC2-20S, GC3-I, GC3-20S

Part number changes in DSL lubricating system components :
Flex pump FP400 => FP401
Tube T - 6 x 4 => T - 6 x 4 - 5

Implementation Date / 20 September 2019

Production stoppage 19 items in total
KRGD1-500, KRGD1.5-500, KRGD2-500, KRGD2.5-500, KRGD3-500
KRGCPD5-500, KRGCPD10-500
SW4-L1, SW4-L2
BG4-20L1, BG4-20L2
CG4-20L1, CG4-20L2, CG4-30L1, CG4-30L2, CG4-40L1, CG4-50L1, CG4-50L2, CG4-60L1

Implementation Date / 21 June 2019

Change in specifications KHG (All items) :
The finish of the bore & side faces are no longer ground & will be supplied with machined surfaces & black oxide coating.

Implementation Date / 21 June 2019

Production stoppage 13 items in total
LS0.5-12, 16, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80
LS0.8-12, 16, 20, 30, 50

Implementation Date / 20 June 2019

Production stoppage 300 items in total
1. SSG Ground Spur Gears (m0.5, 0.8) : 28 items
2. SS Steel Spur Gears (m0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.5) : 157 items
3. BSS Brass Spur Gears (m0.5, 0.8, 1) : 64 items
4. KHG Ground Helical Gears (m1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3) : 36 items
5. SRO Steel Round Racks (m6) : 1 item
6. AN Aluminium Bronze Screw Gears (m4) : 6 items
7. KSCP CP Hardened Spur Gears (CP5, CP10) : 8 items
For more details please click here

Implementation Date / 1 October 2018

Change in specifications CG2-50R1, R2, L1, L2
CG2-60R1, L1
CG2.5-40R1, L1
CG4-30R1, R2, L1, L2
All J-series items based on above items (88 items in total):

Shape HB => Shape H1

Implementation Date / 19 September 2018

Change in specifications DS1-12 :
Shape S9 => S8B
Web thickness (3) => (5.5)
DS1-15 :
Web thickness (3) => (5)

Implementation Date / 20 December 2017

Production stoppage 16 items in total
DS0.5-18, DS0.5-25, DS0.5-28, DS0.5-32, DS0.5-35
DS0.5-36, DS0.5-64, DS0.5-72
DS0.8-18, DS0.8-25, DS0.8-28, DS0.8-32, DS0.8-35
DS0.8-36,DS0.8-64 DS0.8-72

Implementation Date / 20 September 2017

Production stoppage SSAY/K Spur Gears with Built-In Clamps
All 69 items

Implementation Date / From the production date of 21 April 2017

Change in specifications Applicable products : Laser hardened products
Gear precisions have been improved as a result of research in laser processing technology.
KHKR001 Grade 5 => KHK R001 Grade 4
All items in the product group of SRF-HL : 42 items

Implementation Date / The last day of November 2016

Change in specifications Black oxide finish was added to the products listed below.
Applicable products : 2 series
All MM products : 15 items
All MMS products : 30 items

Implementation Date / The last day of Octorber 2016

Production stoppage All KSP Ground Spiral Miter Gears F shape products : 20 items
All KSP Ground Spiral Bevel Gears F shape products : 32 items

Implementation Date / The last day of Octorber 2016

Production stoppage All SUSL Stainless Steel Fairloc Hub Spur Gears products : 74 items
All DSL Acetal Fairloc Hub Spur Gears products : 59 items

Implementation Date / The last day of Octorber 2016

Production stoppage Total 12 items
MHP1-0603R, MHP1-3060L, MHP1.5-0602R
MHP1.5-2060L, MHP1-0901R, MHP1-1090L
MHP1-1201R, MHP1-1120L, MHP1-1801R
MHP1-1180L, MHP1-2001R, MHP1-1200L

Implementation Date / From the production date of September 2016

Change in specifications Improvement in configuration from S6 to S5
Improvement in configuration from S6K to S5K (J series)

Total 23 items
S6 Configuration of SSA Straight Spur Gears
Similarly with the above, J Series will also change

Implementation Date / 1 September 2015

Change in specifications Improvement in configuration from S2 to S1
Total 4 items
MSGA(B)2-80 2 items
MSGA(B)2-100 2 items
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