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Gear Drawing

Gear drawing required for machine design

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A gear drawing is a type of important technical reference required when designing machines. When a machine designer requires a gear when designing a new machine, there are two possibilities: designing the new gear itself, and utilizing a standard gear which has already been designed. In either case, the gear drawing is indispensible.
Although this applies to machine elements in general, gear drawings must contain accurate descriptions of principle gear specifications such as number of teeth, pitch such as modules, pitch circle diameter (PCD), helix angle of helical teeth, value of tooth profile shifting, precision grade such as DIN and AGMA, geometrical tolerance, and roughness of surface.
Also, because the strength to allow the torque required to transmit power through the gears is required, it is also necessary to accurately list the hardness of the gear, which is quantified in terms of gear material, tempering or lack thereof and tempering method, HRC and HB achieved after tempering, etc. Gear drawings are generally provided in 2D CAD, 3D CAD, and print media formats, but on the KHK website it is also possible to output a drawing with the modifications applied to stock gears such as bore, keyway, and set screw hole part modifications.

Selectable format (file name extension) of 3D CAD models :

Creo Parametric 3.0/2.0 (.prt), Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire/2001 (.neu), Pro/ENGINEER Neutral (.neu), Autodesk Inventor (.stp), Solidworks (.x_t), Parasolid (.x_t), AutoCAD 3D (.sat), CATIA V5 (.igs), CATIA V4 (.igs), IGES (.igs), STEP (.stp), ANVIL (.stp), CADKey 3D (.stp), IronCAD (.stp), Mechanical Desktop (.stp), 3D PDF (.pdf), ACIS (.sat), SDRC I-DEAS (.stp), Unigraphics (.stp), AutoCAD 2D (.dxf), DXF file (.dxf), eDrawings (R) 2D (.dxf)

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How To Get 3D CAD Models And Drawings

On this website, you can obtain 3D CAD models and printable gear drawings.
Applicable gears can be divided into two groups as below.

1. In the case of Stock Gears

With the search window and the buttons shown below, you can get 3D CAD models and printable drawings of all stock gears.

Please enter part number here for a price and a drawing of the gear

Explanation of the search window

  1. Search window for Stock Gears by part numbers
    First, input your desired stock gear part number.
    Before entering, choose the desired gear from the specific pages devoted to spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, gear rack, worm gear, etc.
  2. Button for printing out the drawings
    When you want to print out the drawing on paper, please press this button after inputting the part number in 1 (part number search window).
    After pressing the button, a window appears for the printing.
  3. Button for 3D CAD model downloads
    When you want to download a 3D CAD model, please press this button after inputting the part number in 1 (part number search window) and selecting the file format (extension) by drop-down menu inside the button.
    When you press the button, the download will start automatically.
  4. Button for the download of DXF format CAD drawings
    When you desire DXF format CAD drawing, press this button after inputting the part number in 1 (part number search window). Download will start immediately.
  5. Preview button for 3D CAD models
    After inputting the part number in 1 (part number search window), you can confirm the model in your current internet browser.
    When the preview starts, you can view a number of different exterior views of the gear by clicking the symbol of gear on the upper left screen.

2. In the case of Custom Gears

When the part is not a stock gear but your special custom gear, only the drawing that can be printed out is obtainable.
In this case, move from the block below to the screen, “Automatic Drawing of Custom Gears” and edit the drawing to your desired configuration. (There are restrictions in functionality of what you can draw.)

(It should be noted that it is not possible to make 3D CAD models of custom gears on this website.)


Automatic Drawing of Custom Gears

You can make the drawings of Custom Gears automatically by simply inputting the required dimensional data.

Click here for drawing of custom gears

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