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F series – Spur Gears and Locking Hub Assemblies

Features :
– Completed in 2 working days !
– 3 product lines, 2100 items standardized

What are spur gears and locking hub assemblies ?

(Note 1: The working days exclude our company holidays and the day the order is placed)
(Note 2: Since the production starts immediately after receipt of order, we cannot accept cancellations)


Trouble with movement between the gear and shaft !
Problem with run-out after secondary operation !

Solve all these worries !

Please order by specifying
Catalog number + F + bore size + type
Example : When the catalog number is SS2-60 and bore size is 20mm => SS2-60F20A

Mounting directions for spur gear and locking hub assembly

Example / Two piece type

Mounting Method and Notes of Caution

  1. Recommended shaft diameter tolerance is h7. The limit is h8, but to reduce run-out we recommend h6. Also, surface finish of the shaft should be 1.6a.
  2. Carefully wipe off garbage, dirt and oil from the surfaces of the bushing and shaft and tighten only after the shaft is completely through the bushing. Also, in order to be able to disassemble, it is necessary to have 1mm or more of a gap on the back side of the gear. (Figure 1).
  3. The method of tightening the screws is to tighten the screws on the diagonal opposite with a torque wrench. First, tighten the screws to 1/4 of the specified torque, then tighten to 1/2 of the specified torque, and finally tighten to the specified torque. Do not tighten without a shaft or tighten the screw in the tapped hole for removal. (Figure 2).
  4. If there is a keyway on the shaft, the transmission power is reduced by 15 – 20% due to the reduced contact surface in the locking portion.

Disassembly Method and Notes of Caution

  1. Shut the power source (electrical supply) and confirm there is no load on the gear and no danger of the gear falling.
  2. Place all the screws removed into the tapped hole for removal and slowly and evenly tighten in a diagonal sequence. The locking bushing will come off.
  3. If the tightening screw is reused, the damages on the seating and screw surfaces will reduce the locking force. The use of new same size screws is recommended.


Pinions Designed for Speed Reducers

SSAG Ground Spur Gears

(Can also be used as general purpose gears)

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Laser Hardening

New SRF-HL Hardened Racks

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