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J Series

J Series – Our BTO system

J series gears

What is the J series which is one of KHK’s signature services ?
We will explain below using categories :

Standard products – Standard stock gears as they are stored in the KHK stockroom
Custom-made items – Gears made to order to the customer’s specifications
Items with secondary operations – Standard stock gears with customer specified secondary operations
J series – Standard stock gears with KHK specified secondary operations

Above mentioned KHK specified secondary operations are modifications typically requested by users such as,
– Enlarging the bore
– Add a keyway
– Add tapped hole(s)

Even though additional operations on stock gears are needed on large variations of J series products, the delivery is very short and is down to two working days.

This J series service enables us to treat these non-stock items as close to stock gears as possible and it serves as our gear production’s BTO (Build To Order) system.

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