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1-10 Gears Q&A

Q :
Which type of gears are quiet ?
A :
The high precision gears with ground finish are quiet.
The noise level can be further reduced by using helical gears which increases the contact ratio.
Plastic gears are also quiet but the strength is lower.

Q :
What type of gears are good against rusting ?
A :
Stainless steel and plastic gears are good against rusting.
Plastic gears can also be used without lubrication.
However, using plastic against plastic is not desirable since they tend to heat up and expand.
It is better to mate a plastic gear with a metal gear.

Q :
What is backlash ?
A :
It is the clearance space between the teeth of mating gears.
It is necessary for smooth operation of the gears.

Q :
Can you eliminate backlash ?
A :
KHK does not make products with no backlash, but do carry items that allow you to adjust the amount of backlash.
These are “Tapered Racks and Pinions” and “Duplex Worms and Worm Wheels”.

Q :
How much can you raise the strength by quenching ?
A :
For gears made from S45C such as SS Spur Gears, if they are high frequency induction heat treated, the tooth surface strength increases about four-fold.
On the other hand, the precision grade such as pitch error will drop one grade.

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