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Introduction To Gears

Preface of Introduction to Gears

The history of gears is probably as old as civilization itself. Still today, the importance of gears in the manufacturing industry is undiminished and even continues to grow.
The purpose of this handbook is to provide an outline of gear fundamentals for those who want to acquire knowledge about the mechanics of gears. In reading through this handbook, if you have any questions please refer them to us and we would be happy to respond.
We hope this handbook will act as a starting point for you in understanding gears.


Part 1 :

1-1 Types of Gears

1-2 Characteristics of Gears

1-3 Gear Terminology

1-4 Involute Tooth Profile

1-5 Pressure Angle

1-6 Profile Shifted Gears

1-7 Accuracy of Gears – Testing and Inspecting

1-8 Materials for Gears and Heat Treatment

1-9 Gear Noise

1-10 Gears Q&A

Part 2 :

2-1 Production Processes of Spur Gear

2-2 Production Processes of Gear Rack

2-3 Production Processes of Bevel Gear

2-4 Gear Production Facilities

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