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KHK The ABC’s of Gears / Basic Guide – B

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  1. Gear Types and Characteristics
  2. 1-1 Parallel Axis Gears
    1-2 Linear Motion Gears
    1-3 Intersecting Axis Gears
    1-4 Nonparallel and Nonintersecting Axis Gears
  3. Basic Gear Terminology and Calculation
  4. Gear Tooth Profile
  5. Gear Profile Shift
  6. Gear Accuracy
  7. Gear Materials and Heat Treatments
  8. 6-1 Gear Materials
    6-2 Heat Treatments
  9. Strength and Durability of Gears
  10. Gear Surface Treatment
  11. Manufacturing of Gears
  12. 9-1 Manufacturing Process of Spur Gears
    9-2 Manufacturing Process of Racks
    9-3 Manufacturing Process of Bevel Gears
    9-4 Manufacturing Process of Worms

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Hello, I am Haguruma Boy !
Did you find the Introductory Guide -A useful ?
I hope it helped you learn about the history of gears and their usages.
The ABC’s of Gears include 3 editions; Introductory Guide, Basic Guide, and Guide for Practical Use.
This ‘Basic Guide – B’ introduces; Types of Gears, How to Use Gears, Basic Calculations for Gears, Tooth Profiles, Shifting,
Accuracies, and Strength of Gears.
To learn more about Gears, please refer to the following, “Guide for Practical Use – C”.

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