2-2 Production Processes of Gear Rack

Illustrated here is a typical process of making gear racks.

Rack Material Procurement
Raw Materials :
Raw Materials bought from material suppliers are kept in stock.

Gear Rack Cutting
Gear Cutting :
Gear cutting is done with a rack cutting machine.
The cutting usually leaves burrs on the teeth.

Removal of Burrs
Deburring :
Burrs on the teeth are removed with a deburring machine.

Rack Press Operations
Straightening :
To straighten warping, pressure is applied on racks with a hydraulic press.

End Machining
Machining Ends :
Both ends are machined so that racks can be butted against each other to make any desired length.

Rack Boring
Processing holes :
Mounting screw holes are drilled for easier assembly.

Rack Black Oxide Coating
Black Oxide Finish :
The black oxide finish is somewhat effective in preventing rust.

packaging of gear rack
Packaging :
To ensure delivery in good condition, each and every rack is individually packaged.

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