Topics: Regarding the Inspection of Bevel Gears

At KHK, all bevel gears are made at our Noda factory. After completion of gear cutting using Gleason machines, a certain portion of the lot is inspected for tooth contact before sending the parts to the next process. At this point, the pieces to be tested are meshed with a high accuracy grade gear for inspection called master gear (Incidentally the Noda factory is in possession of many kinds of master gears to match the variety of bevel gears produced there).

The bevel gear contact inspection confirms mainly the following three items. The first is the tooth contact which is conducted by meshing the test gear with a master gear and rotating either manually or automatically. At that time, using a lead based orange colored dye, the part of the gear surface in contact with the master gear can be visually seen (It should be noted, due to regulations, the dye presently used no longer contains lead). The second is the height of teeth and the third is the value of the space between the meshing gear teeth called backlash. Of course, the confirmation of the proper tooth contact at this inspection stage decides if it is possible to proceed to correct next operation such as teeth grinding. Bevel gears which is one of the important categories of KHK products go through these inspections on a daily basis in the process of manufacturing and shipping.

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