When we forward customer drawings to the Engineering Department for estimates, we sometimes hear comments such as “Face width is too short (or too long) relative to the cone distance.” or “We can’t make the gear with these dimensions.” In a Gleason type gear cutting equipment, generally the best tooth cutting is obtained when the face width is about 1/3 of the cone distance. If the face width is too long, it may not be possible to produce the gear. On the other hand, if it is too short, when the finished gear is used, since the teeth contact extends to the full length of the tooth, it could lose full contact creating problems during use. According to the person in charge of the technical division, when these too long or too short cases happen without affecting the mounting and cone distances, they request the user to adjust the face width. (In these instances, the total length of the bevel gear will change.) It is not clear if such restrictions apply to all gear manufacturers. Fundamentally, it is important for the manufacturer to match 100% of the user’s desired design specifications. However in reality, especially when the design is new, we want the user to understand that there are instances that we need to contact the customer with additional technical questions.

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