Employees of KHK’s Taiwan distributor, ALL MERIT ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. are very knowledgeable about gear technology. The relationship between this distributor and KHK goes back more than 30 years and, during that time, in addition to selling KHK gears, they consistently have been striving to improve the gear technology level of Taiwan.

Their main office’s second floor houses “Gear Museum” containing a large number of gear demonstration models using cleverly combined spur, bevel, worm gears, etc., and it is open to the public any time. Among their models, the clock mechanism using ingenious spur gear combinations is particularly excellent.

Centering on their founder Mr. Wang as the teacher, they have been active in writing gear technology related articles, publishing “Introduction to Gear Train Analysis”, “Paradigm of Gear Failure Analysis” and “Practical Gear Design Encyclopedia”.

On their website in the section called “Gear Technology Q&A”, they introduce detailed knowledge regarding wide ranging topics such as gear selection method, strength calculation, material selection, lubrication, etc. in a Q&A format. Also, in the section called “KHK Gear Notes”, they make public such things as points of caution in the use of KHK gears.

To have a distributor who not only sells the products but is knowledgeable about gear technology and is able to give users practical advice on gear designs and applications is very important for KHK and constitutes a reliable partner. ALL MERIT ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is such a distributor.

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