Convenient Gear Software

For our gear designer’s convenience, KHK’s Japanese website offers for free “Automated Drawing System for Custom Gears (GDSW)” and “Calculation Software for Custom Gears (GCSW)”. By utilizing these systems, users can compute gear strength without manually using complex equations and, create gear drawings eliminating the tedious efforts of drafting the required gear specific elements. As a gear maker, at the point when a customer is asking us for gear production, it is desirable that we clearly understand his/her requirements. The use of these design aids helps us in this process. Unfortunately, these two software are only available in a Japanese version and not in English. We wish that these systems were not only for users in Japan, but for customers all over the world. However, it is not simply substituting English for Japanese words as there are many difficulties such as the difference in precision classes among JIS, AGMA, DIN, etc., and how to handle various pitch designations such as module and DP. It is our hope to complete the English version in the future and make possible smooth technical communication with users in various foreign countries.