In Indonesia, bevel gears are called “roda gigi kerucut”. You would think that people, when speaking about gears, would use the term “roda gigi kerucut”. Apparently it is not so, and they generally use the words “bevel gears”. The reason, I think, is in the past to the present, they do not have a large gear industry, and they mainly rely on imports. In addition, the Indonesian language uses the same alphabet as English so that there is little resistance to using English words.

Incidentally, related to bevel gears, Indonesian words for hypoid gear is “roda gigi kerucut hypoid” and spiral bevel gears “roda gigi kerucut spiral”. Even eliminating foreigners, the words I actually hear in Indonesia are still “bevel gears”. Even checking quantitative Google search frequency, when Indonesians are using the internet, the words used are “bevel gears” and not “roda gigi kerucut”. From a foreigner’s point of view, it is somewhat strange to have two words for bevel gears within one country. But as I think of it, in our Japan, we generally call gears “haguruma”, even though it is sometimes called “gears”.

In the future, not being a linguist, I don’t know which language’s technical words get adopted as the primary use in the world. The rapid development of IT and homogenizing of the world seems to me that the language will also flow to a common base, namely English. Since I am in charge of foreign business, from the effectiveness of marketing advertising, it is more convenient if “bevel gears” become adopted worldwide.

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