Topics: De Facto Standard of Bevel Gears

There are several methods of bevel gear design and gear cutting. In recent years, in spite of the deep rooted adoption of the Klingelnberg method in Germany, the world has widely and overwhelmingly adopted the Gleason method. From this perspective, can’t we say that there is a de facto standard for bevel gear production ?

De Facto standard is a standard selected by the actual market principle. Examples of a de facto standard include the fight for video recorder standard between Betamax initiated by Sony which lost to VHS led by Victor and Matsushita or Apple losing OS to Windows, etc. They are often seen in other industries.

Why one becomes the de facto standard does not appear to be simply determined just because the product is superior. In the bevel gear industry, including KHK, thinking how the gear makers’ equipment is almost all Gleason machines, leads one to assume the existence of a de facto standard.

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