Topics: Comparison between Spiral and Straight Bevel Gears

I would like to think about the question of when we should use spiral bevel gears (or straight bevel gears).

Recently, the Gleason Company stopped selling specialized manufacturing equipment citing their inability to compete with high speed rotation, leading to the reduction in the proportion of straight bevel gears relative to overall bevel gears. In any case, it is important in applications to know the differences and therefore, we will list the positives and negatives of these products.

Spiral bevel gears

Advantages :
Compared to straight bevel gears, they possess higher strength.
Ability to grind gear tooth surfaces leads to production of higher precision gears.
Contact ratio is higher reducing noise level.

Disadvantages :
Creates thrust force toward each other.
Needs to mate the right-hand and left-hand spiral gears.

Straight bevel gears

Advantages :
The thrust force is in the direction to separate the pair.
Not necessary to consider right- and left-hand of the pair.

Disadvantages :
Inability to grind teeth leads to lesser precision gears.
Compared to spiral bevel gears, strength is lower.

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