Topics about Bevel Gears Made by Machine Tool Manufacturers

When we attend a large industrial machine show, we often come across machine tool manufacturers’ booths displaying bevel gears. They are not gear manufacturers but are machine tool makers. Therefore, their display of bevel gears are not what they are selling, but they are showing samples made using their complex machines (machine tools) that they are selling. Of course, besides bevel gears, they display various complex machine components, as well as eye catching samples such as a soccer ball. As examples of leading edge, large machine tool makers, these bevel gears have superb finish and they give the impression that all you need is to own such a complex machine and you can make any shape metal products.

Then, will there be a day when such a general purpose machine can replace a conventional specialized bevel gear cutting machine such as supplied by the Gleason Company? In the near future, should gear makers such as ours using traditional gear manufacturing techniques, need to revolutionize our methods? We don’t know the answer.

For example, if the production calls for making the same type of bevel gears in 100-piece lot, the conventional gear cutting machines will win at least from the manufacturing efficiency point of view. But if it is necessary to produce one piece of some type of bevel gears, taking account of set-up steps, both methods may not differ too much in production efficiency. Or if additional complex machining operations in addition to gear cutting is needed, the combined operations of complex machines may be more advantageous (We have not made bevel gears with complex machines so this conclusion does not go beyond our imagination). It is possible in the future, that through some methods, complex machines may become efficient even in large lot size productions. Our factory also possesses a few complex machines. Therefore, while we maintain production with conventional specialized bevel gear cutting machines, we feel the importance of researching the possible innovation of using complex machines for gear production.

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