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By adopting CP (circular pitch) racks and pinions, the travel distance with one rotation of pinion becomes an integer number. This improves the user’s convenience. For example, if the pitch of the pinion is CP5 (pitch is 5mm) and if the number of teeth is 20, then when the pinion rotates once, the distance traveled becomes exactly 100mm.

It has been listed elsewhere, but there are three international standards of gear pitches: module, inch standard of DP and above mentioned CP. The following link will lead to the comparison of these pitches :
Table of Comparative Gear Pitch
There is no interchangeability between pinion and rack if different pitch systems are used in the pair.

In addition, KHK offers tapered racks and pinions. These are produced by angling each tooth of the rack and pinion. Conventionally, in order to adjust the backlash, it was necessary to change the distance between the rack and the axis of the pinion. But with tapered rack and pinion, this difficult task can be easily accomplished by simply shifting the pinion in its axial direction. Because of the taper in the teeth, they are not interchangeable with regular rack and pinion.

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