Below we explain how to purchase KHK Stock Gears.


1.   In North America and Europe

In these areas, you can buy KHK stock gears on-line.
Please click the appropriate link.


North America : KHK USA Inc (KHK’s own distributor company) on-line shop
In North America, it is possible to get delivery in 3 days !

Europe : R. A. Rodriguez (UK) Ltd. (KHK’s European distributor) on-line shop


2.  In countries where we have distributors

You can obtain KHK stock gears from our distributors in many countries around the world.
You can see if there is a distributor in your country by checking the list below.

List of Distributors

If there is a distributor in your country, you can contact it directly or you can fill out and send in the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form


3.  In countries where we do not have distributors

After checking the List of Distributors, if you find there is no distributor in your country, we will sell to you directly from our Kohara Gear Company (KHK) in Japan.
In this case, the payment method will be through PayPal.


For the content of the transaction, please use the inquiry form below.

Inquiry Form